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I've been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 30 years. From nightclubs to a baby and toddler nursery. I've personally carried out over a Million pounds worth of cleaning. I've tried every single cleaning system so i know what works best, and that system i will recommend to you.

'Steam-Cleaning' - domestic or commercial - Gives far superior results

 One of my customers recently said to me: 'we were about to give up on carpet cleaners, we've tried expensive and cheap cleaning services but non of them compares to the results that you give'.    


  • Advanced spot & stain removal. Using a carpet cleaner can actually 'set' some stains permanently, it's important to pre-treat them with a specially designed spotter before cleaning. Knowing what to apply is a skill in itself.
  • Healthy Home Not a lot of folk realise, carpet cleaning improves indoor air quality. Good for your home, good for you.
  • End of tenancy cleansThis sort of work can be a carpet cleaners nightmare, a combination of  industrial strength cleaning and advanced spot & stain removal is needed. This is where our unique system comes into it's own.
  • Mattresses Mattresses can contain all sorts of contaminants, dead skin, dust mites, allergens, mould spores etc. Just imagine an unskilled cleaner adding water to clean your mattress, this can only lead to more mould spores that can harm your health. Mattress cleaning is a highly skilled job.
  • Fast Drying times If you don't know what you're doing, your furnishings could take over a week to dry. Setting the right amount of ventillation, temperature and humidity are all part of the job of a cleaning technician.
  • Flood water extraction It's all very well sucking the water out when you've had a flood, but expert advice is needed to determine whether there is an underlying health hazzard waiting to rear it's ugly head.
  • Carpet re-seaming / repairs When cleaning your carpets we inspect heat seams and carpet fitting, if the fitting is suspect, seams can open up, or the carpet may skrink. We can usually point any problem areas out before cleaning .
  • Fully insured Many carpet cleaning companies may claim to have insurance but don't. We carry a £5 million insurance package that not only covers the item that we're cleaning, but the area we're cleaning in. what would happen if we scratched your car, or damaged your bookcase for example.
  • De-odorising / pet treatments Unfortunately cleaning a carpet after a pet accident is a great idea, but what about the bacteria thats left behind ? The smell may remain long after cleaning has taken place. Specialist treatments are needed to remove or kill bacteria as well as cleaning, or you can actually make things worse.
  • Anti-allergy cleans Cleaning is not enough. We remove dust mites, allegens and mould spores, kill bacteria etc and can all be done without the use of any detergents leaving your home cleaner and safer than ever before.
  • Caravans & Boats Sometimes you want something cleaned but there is no power to use conventional equipment, no matter, we can carry out this work using our self contained mobile cleaning system.

I clean your carpets and upholstery using the very best 'Steam-Cleaning' technology. It's so effective that nearly every carpet  looks once again just like the day it was laid, no matter how dirty. 'Steam-Cleaning' not only cleans your carpets but can also clean upholstery. It kills germs, removes mould spores and bacteria, leaving your furnishings safe for you and your family.

Allergy sufferers or people with asthma can benefit too ! as our equipment is exhausted outside and not inside as with other cleaners.

My Personal Guarantee is simple, we'll carry out every single jobs to the highest possible standard and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the result, i'll personally re-clean the item/s again completely FREE OF CHARGE and if you're still not happy, i'll refund your money for cleaning that item/s in FULL !

The reason i can afford to do this is because i've spent over £40'000 on a top of the range mobile cleaning system, it's completely self powered and contained.

Why look for another carpet cleaner when you can have the Best !


 A Dri-Master system is used on furniture, this enables us to fully 'wash' and dry your 3pc suite without wetting the inside of the cushion.


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