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Carpets & Upholstery looking dull & drab? - Let us 'clean' them for you!

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99% of all carpets and upholstery we clean are 'Steam-Cleaned' using the very best upto date equipment. Steam Cleaning not only gives superior results it also kills germs and bacteria due to the temperature of the water that is 'Super-heated' to temperatures in excess of 200F.

 One of my customers recently said to me: 'we were about to give up on carpet cleaners, we've tried expensive and cheap cleaning services but non of them compares to the results that you give'.

Why Choose Dave's Carpet Cleaning ?

Well put  simply we are the best, it doesn't come any better and we've been cleaning for over 20 years!

We use a 'Top-end' Truckmount 'Carpet - Cleaning' System

These machines are built into a vehicle and are cabable of funning hoses upto 500ft long. They don't use your electricity as they have their own powerplant and are capable of giving Results most carpet cleaners only dream about.

We carry £5million public liability insurance that includes items actually being worked on, many other carpet cleaners may exclude this important safety net.

When cleaning you furniture or fabrics we use a Dri-Master system, this enables us to fully 'wash' and dry your 3pc suite without wetting the inside of the cushion.

Pricing We also operate a fair-pricing policy so you won't be overcharged.

99% of all carpets we clean are 'Steam-Cleaned' using 'Truckmounted' Industrial Cleaning Equipment.  It's so effective that nearly every carpet we clean looks once again just like the day it was laid, no matter how dirty.

'Steam-Cleaning' not only cleans your carpets it also kills germs and bacteria. The results we get from this superb cleaning system even suprise us sometimes and it's the fastest drying system we've ever used, so we know you'll be pleased with the 'end-result'.

GUARANTEE:  We'll carry out every single job to the highest possible standard and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied we'll re-clean the item/s again completely FREE OF CHARGE and if you're still not happy we'll refund your money for cleaning that item in FULL!